Culture Quips: Zombie Apocalypse


image credit: Emily Royal

Hello. My name is E–, and I married a prepper. He’s not a nut, or a crazy survivalist. His truest intentions are his best intentions: he simply wants to keep his family safe.

It does make for an interesting dynamic in our home. I’m not a city girl. I kind of grew up in the in-between. I went fishing with my cousins, hiked through the woods, and knew the source of our farm-fresh air from a young age. However, I never learned much in the way of “survival skills.” I was a Brownie for all of 5 minutes, and never hunted or even touched a gun until recently. What changed? What often does: I had kids. Specifically, I have two amazing, smart, beautiful, talented, prepper daughters. They love listening to Dad talk about how to take care of yourself and be safe in an emergency. Astrid got her first pocket knife, and we just bought them a pink .22 bolt action rifle. They are learning proper safety and form, and I’m learning right along with them.

We’ve also taught them the importance of OpSec and we have a family safe word. We gather supplies as our income allows and teach them how to use found objects to help them survive. Some may think this is some paranoid delusion. We know that “the end” may never happen in our time. For us, discussing these things are an educational, fun, skill-building hobby that we can all share together.

One side effect of my husband’s love with survival and prepping is that it seeped into his other love of writing and storytelling. He recently released his second of three books in a zombie apocalypse series that is very heavy on survival strategy. I often joke that his work is “Not Your Average Zombie Apocalypse” because his characters are preppers. They were not blindsided by the event; they were ready for it.


The zombie culture is rather interesting to me. I personally don’t like zombie flicks or believe that the dead will walk again whether through disease, science, or curse. But I think the culture, and it’s pop following, teaches interesting things about human behavior and character. Whom do you think you would be in a zombie apocalypse? Would you be the survivors’ leader? The quiet recluse with several useful talents? The educated fool that dies early? The curvaceous female that lucked her way into surviving? Could you even make it to the survivor’s camp, or would you be one of the first shambling corpses spreading the plague?

If you’d like to read a zombie series that actually shows depth of character and insight into survival tactics, head over to 

It may just save your life.


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