Personal Archive: Allan and Anna


I wrote this after being inspired by one of my favorite poems. It’s basically a re-imagination of the original work. Warning: it’s pretty dark… Let’s see if you can guess the source material:

Allan and Anna

The waves swept over the sandy towers. Allan watched as the salty foam melted the temporary architecture. Suddenly a giggle broke out in the silence, melodious and eerie. Allan smiled as he gazed at the source of the sound, Anna danced merrily as the kingdom retired into the sea. He loved this girl. There was no reason or thought behind it. It simply was. Love.
The words spoken to him came back to Allan in this moment. “Allan, you don’t understand… Anna is… different. She is not like other girls.”

“I know! That’s what I love about her. She’s so special.”

“Allan, I’m not even sure she knows what ‘love’ is.”
“You just don’t understand. Our love is beyond what other people perceive as love!”
“Allan, I just don’t want to see you hurt! Listen–”
“No! I’m done listening! Anna is mine, and I am hers! There is nothing else!”
Anna’s giggling brought Allan back to the present. The delicate fabric of her dress floated around her as she spun humming “Pop Goes the Weasel.” When she began singing, however, Allan realized she had rewritten the words:
All around the kingdom,
The waves slowly creeped
The people in the castle cried
“Save us from the deep!”
The unearthly song mesmerized Allan. He continued to watch the waves’ methodical destruction of the sand castle while Anna sang and danced. As the last rise of sand was razed, she came over and kissed him. He pulled her to the ground and held her fiercely, unable to feel close enough to her. She bit his lip suddenly, hard, the coppery taste of his blood mingled in the kiss.
Hours later, as dawn creased the sky, Anna broke the embrace and looked into Allan’s eyes. They were heavy with passion, and he was blinded to her unhallowed soul. Anna had never felt compassion or conscience in her actions. She kept Allan because she felt adored, and that amused her. She loved watching him watch her.
“Allan… would you do anything for me?”
“Anything you wish, my darling.”
“Would you die for me?”
“I would die without you.”
Anna reached into the bag she had brought with them to the beach. She pulled out a large knife and watched the growing sun gleam on the blade.
“Allan, you have a choice.”
“My darling, what are you doing?”
“You must choose to either die or watch me kill myself.”
“Anna… stop.”

“Choose, or I will kill myself.”
“Too late.”
Anna sunk the blade into her abdomen, musing that it did not hurt as much as she thought. As she lay there, watching the shock and fear play on Allan’s face, she smiled. Her last vision was of him removing the knife from her and choosing to join her in the abyss. The morning tide enveloped them and carried them off to rest together, in the deep.

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