Label Maker: Wonder


BBEricaWonderThe more I explore these labels, the more I find different facets of my personality. This one has the balance of kind of always being there, yet I’ve never really thought much about it. The word, “wonder,” has such an exquisite meaning. It feels full and beautiful, and altogether inspiring. None of that ever really felt like me, but it is exactly me.

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Culture Quips: Zombie Apocalypse


image credit: Emily Royal

Hello. My name is E–, and I married a prepper. He’s not a nut, or a crazy survivalist. His truest intentions are his best intentions: he simply wants to keep his family safe.

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The Art of Cultural Interpretation: Tyler Knott Gregson


A sampling of a recent Typewriter Series from Tyler Knott Gregson

I stumbled upon his tumblr about a year ago. It instantly took my breath away. His way of weaving words into an intricate pattern of emotion and beauty is such a rare find. Tyler Knott Gregson is an artist.

He has several interests and endeavors to keep your mind happily occupied. But I think my favorite is his Typewriter Series. Here he takes random bits of paper and jots down his thoughts. The result is a elegantly tactile piece of literature. Today marks his milestone of 1000th in the series. Oh… and he turned it into a book.

I love the insightful way he seems to express things. It often seems like he has some magical viewfinder through which he sees the world. It feels honest, yet hard to emote. He does so effortlessly. I know it may sound like I’m trying to sell you something, but I truly just adore his creative outlets and had to share them with you.

If you like his style, and really…who wouldn’t, please follow him @TylerKnott on Instagram and Twitter.