Culture Quips: Zombie Apocalypse


image credit: Emily Royal

Hello. My name is E–, and I married a prepper. He’s not a nut, or a crazy survivalist. His truest intentions are his best intentions: he simply wants to keep his family safe.

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Finding the funds.


Check out the newest author in the survival zombie series… oh, and yeah, I’m married to him. 😉

American Revenant

I’m not sure how I feel about doing this GoFundMe campaign, but to give my new book and the American Revenant series as a whole the best chance at success I feel I need to do it.  I write to tell a story, and I love doing it, but as a husband and father every thing I do leads back to my family.  I want to provide a quality life for them, and I also want to produce quality work that people can enjoy.  We, like many families these days, live paycheck to paycheck, and that is a situation I despise.  If, through this campaign, I can boost the chance of success for the series then I most certainly will do it, even if I dislike the thought of asking others for money to do it.  I believe my writing has merit, otherwise I would not even try to publish…

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